Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hopkinsville Goblin

On August 21, 1955 the most dramatic alleged alien encounter in history took place in rural Kentucky. Two families were besieged by a troupe of strange gremlins-like aliens that arrived in a mysterious craft. While only three feet tall, the strange silver creatures had huge dangerous claws and survived shotgun blasts. At times they appeared to float and walked with their claws held up and with a strange gait as though they were wading through water. The creatures never made it inside, but scrambled around the outside of the house. The goblins even scuffled with and grabbed at the farmers who ventured outside. Eventually the families escaped and went to the sheriff. When the police returned to the house they found extensive damage to the property, heard strange noises and saw mysterious lights (as well as notably finding no evidence of alcohol or drugs). The nearby households also heard the struggle and were distressed at the strange noises and lights. Even years later, the families, the police and their neighbors' stories corroborated under individual questioning. The families made no money off of their story and in fact fled the area after their story made them too popular with ufologists.

The strange goblins would appear a few more times, but none of these sitings would be as dramatic and intense as the night in Hopkinsville. Numerous explanations have been given for what the creatures might actually have been. They range from the boringly logical great horned owl to the as-unlikely-and-goofy-as-it-being-aliens escaped circus monkey that was also painted silver for some reason. To be honest though, the story of an army of great owls laying siege to a rural farm? That's just as cool.

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joy said...

I believe it was great horned owls. I live in rural Kentucky and I had one act like it wanted to get in my window. It sure gave me a start. If I had been thinking of aliens at the time I might have panicked. The pictures are not unowl-like, and the description of the floating, hanging out on the roof, and reaching out with a talon seem to fit. They also act completely unafraid of humans somtimes. The size is about right and owls make a lot of weird sounds and sometimes seem to glow in the dark, which could be seen as metallic. People were talking about UFOs then and the man had just seen something weird in the sky-- a plane or copter?--that might have scared the owls out of their home.