Saturday, October 18, 2008

I'm back baby

I know its been like a million years, but I'm finally back to work. I got a new tablet and I just tested it out on this owlberry. For some reason it shows up on my computer with wonky blue colors, but I actually like those colors better than the ones I actually used. So if you don't see a wonky blue owlberry, but instead a kind of blandly colored owlberry, then I apologize.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Some animation

Since I don't have any new drawings right now, here's some animation I did back in 2006 for my Experimental Animation class.

First here's two short clips featuring an octopus made with a latex glove full of molten clay.

Here's a trailer for the 2006 Olympia Film Festival, made by me, Katy O'Brien (who's website you can visit over on the left) and another girl who's name I can't remember (sorry).

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I wasn't planning on doing any color pieces for awhile longer. I haven't done any computer coloring in what feels like forever. I just really felt that this character needed to be colored to avoid looking flat. I'll include the original ink drawing at the bottom so you can see what I mean. I can't really do good computer coloring on my laptop anyways, this was mostly an exercise in color choice, which is why its just solid, flat colors.

Alkonosts are a legendary Slavic creature that resembles the Greek siren. But while the Sirens were malicious and used their songs to lure and devour men, the Alkonost was a bird of paradise delivering the word of God. Its not her fault her song causes all who hear it to forget everything and go crazy.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Some Japanese monsters

In honor of my last week in America before I begin my year working in Japan, here are a handful of Japanese folk monsters. I dunno though, I'm not really feeling this one. Maybe I'm just irritated because the design I liked the best got kind of muddled by my inking. But hey, I didn't start this blog to be all "look how perfect I am!" I started it to produce work and get over the "abloo bloo bloo its not good enough to show anyone" post-art school hump.

Anyways, I might as well offer a little context and history. The large ox-spider guy is an Ushi-oni (cow devil). They're big sea ogres who behave similarly to crabs. Evil crabs. According to the internet they often hang out with these snake women called Nure-onna. Nure-onna (wet woman) are pretty boring, really. You can probably guess their whole deal just by looking at them. The last fellow is a Kamikiri (hair cutter). They're little spirits that resemble a cross between a shrimp and a vulture. They fly around cutting people's hair off just for laughs.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A dragon wearing a beanie

Now that my academic career is all but officially over, I'm hoping to dive head first back into improving my cartooning. First of all I want to be competent with ink, so these first few drawings I put up are going to be exercises in that. This one's a dorky dragon. I kind of messed up his legs, but his face is cute.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Kim, her hand puppet, and her icthyostega

I just made this blog so I could have a place to put up some drawings and cartoons I make. Hopefully this will motivate me enough to produce more work. Good times, I know.