Monday, April 14, 2008

Some Japanese monsters

In honor of my last week in America before I begin my year working in Japan, here are a handful of Japanese folk monsters. I dunno though, I'm not really feeling this one. Maybe I'm just irritated because the design I liked the best got kind of muddled by my inking. But hey, I didn't start this blog to be all "look how perfect I am!" I started it to produce work and get over the "abloo bloo bloo its not good enough to show anyone" post-art school hump.

Anyways, I might as well offer a little context and history. The large ox-spider guy is an Ushi-oni (cow devil). They're big sea ogres who behave similarly to crabs. Evil crabs. According to the internet they often hang out with these snake women called Nure-onna. Nure-onna (wet woman) are pretty boring, really. You can probably guess their whole deal just by looking at them. The last fellow is a Kamikiri (hair cutter). They're little spirits that resemble a cross between a shrimp and a vulture. They fly around cutting people's hair off just for laughs.

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