Sunday, April 13, 2008

A dragon wearing a beanie

Now that my academic career is all but officially over, I'm hoping to dive head first back into improving my cartooning. First of all I want to be competent with ink, so these first few drawings I put up are going to be exercises in that. This one's a dorky dragon. I kind of messed up his legs, but his face is cute.


Ben Saufley said...

These are the first drawings I've seen from you in years, man. I'm glad to see it. It looks great.

rbj said...

Is that a belly button?

Jonathan said...

MCJ, good to see your cartoons again. whatever happened to bucky weasel?

can you make this cartoon into a children's story? "how the dragon found his fire". maybe he can off puff, and that's his coming of age story? kids would love it.

Mike Joffe said...

Ben - yeah, it has been that long, hasn't it? Better late than never I guess.

Jon - I stopped drawing Bucky when I got to college and A. I discovered what Furries were and was horrified and B. I realized I didn't have to just draw the same characters I'd been drawing since grade school in every story. Bucky will probably come around again one day, but only when there's a story only he can tell.