Monday, February 21, 2011


Goetia refers to the practice of invoking or evoking angels and demons. Today it most commonly refers to a specific grimoire known as The Lesser Key of Solomon, a 17th century text containing a catalog of spirits, both divine and demonic, that the legendary King Solomon had bound to serve humanity if summoned properly. The Goetia is a gold mine of fun monsters.

This cute little fellow is Andras, the Grand Marquis of Hell, the Killer of Men and the 63rd demon in the Lesser Key of Solomon. Andras is described as an owl, or a man with an owl head, riding atop a massive wolf. He wields a sharp flaming sword which he uses to sow discord (as well as the more conventional cutting and burning things).

Andras may not look like it, but he's one of the most dangerous demons a magician can summon. If the conjurer and his assistants to follow the Solomon's instructions exactly, he will kill them without a moment's hesitation. A single misstep out of the magic circle means the death of the magician, and Andras knows this. Andras reviles those who control him and will use any trick he can think of to lure them into dropping their defenses. Summoning him means a constant battle to maintain control.

Like all of the demons bound into servitude by Solomon, he is summoned to teach the magician some secret knowledge. As you might guess, Andras specializes in teaching magicians how to kill their enemies more effectively. He could also evoke an uncontrollable anger in people, useful for a magician who wants to incite a war or make an opponent careless. He commands 30 legions of demons and spirits in Hell, which he uses to spread dissent and chaos between people.

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