Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday Doodle: Bucky and Clione

I think I may need to rethink my updating schedule. Wednesdays are ridiculously busy for me right now. Its a good thing I had this doodle to ink over and slap some color on. Maybe I'll give Thursday a try next week instead...

Bucky you know, but this is the first the blog has seen of Clione. Clione is one of the characters who will be starring in the eventually forthcoming Bucky and Friends comics. She's a sea snail, specifically an anthropomorphic version of the sea angel family. Sea Angels are predatory snails that live in icy waters. Their feet muscles evolved into distinct wing-like flaps giving them a fairy-like appearance. In case you're wondering what happened to their shells, they actually do have them at birth but discard them early in their life cycle. That's the reason the order's scientific name is Gymnosomata, or "naked body" in Greek.

They are voracious hunters, devouring snails and sea butterflies with deadly tentacles that pop out of the top of their heads. See that red blob in Clione's head? That's her digestive system.

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