Thursday, February 3, 2011


The boobrie is a sinister water bird of Scottish folklore, said to resemble a gigantic loon or stork. The boobrie's diet is mainly carnivorous, with a particular fondness for the flesh of young calves. These are sneaky birds, and their method of hunting is actually quite ingenious by monster standards. The Scottish moors are home to any number of horrific man-eating beasts and so most farmers are well acquainted with the warning signs and methods of escaping any supernatural threat. When a boobrie spots a ship carrying young livestock down the river, it will rush at the ship roaring madly and transforming itself into a well known man-eater such as the each uisge (a horribly evil water horse) or the targh-uisge (an equally dangerous aquatic bull). When the farmers see such an infamous creature rushing at their ship, they assume it is after them and panic, often abandoning ship. While everyone prepares to escape the oncoming threat, the boobrie quickly changes back to its true form, grabs a calf in its beak, and dives into the water to feast.

While the boobrie prefers to hunt calves most of all, in times of need they will hunt adult cows, sheep, otters or occasionally human. For the most part, however, travelers in Scottland don't need to worry about boobrie attack unless they are attempting to transport livestock.


swimaway said...

Mike, love your passing along to my daughter Rubi who also creates weird creatures and exchanges with a close friend...

Prague is beautiful...enjoy yourself!

Dorothea (your father's cousin)

Mike Joffe said...

Hi Dorothea. Tell Rubi I'd love to see her stuff sometime.